Quickly Isolate a Layer in Photoshop

Sometimes you need to view only one layer in PhotoShop, but hiding all the other layers one-by-one can be incredibly cumbersome. Luckily there is a shortcut for it. Hold down the OPTION key (ALT on Windows) and click the visibility icon (the eyeball) beside the layer. It will toggle the visibility of all other layers… Continue Reading

The Computer Doesn’t Make the Developer

In 2002 I made my computer science professor angry enough that he “accidentally” poured coffee on my assignment (we handed in printed copies of our code along with floppy disks) and for the rest of the semester he took 20 points off every assignment without explanation. What was my great sin? I turned in an… Continue Reading

Value Calculator: See the Value You Provide

When it comes time to price a web project, it’s incredibly easy to underestimate how much value you’ll be providing your client. It’s so easy to tell yourself that you won’t be doing enough work to warrant charging $10,000 or even $3,000. I can still fall prey to this, so I put together this tool… Continue Reading

Consistent Style

Most of us tend to wear certain styles of clothing more than others. You might wear dark clothing, or never wear shorts, or always accessorize with a purse (I do not.) Other people become used to this style, and it can get some interesting reactions when we change things up – second glances, compliments from… Continue Reading

Gain Confidence by Giving Compliments

It’s obvious that receiving compliments can boost your self-confidence, but I’ve found giving compliments boosts my confidence as well. Several times I’ve had an idea that I wasn’t sure about until I shared it with my wife and she complimented it. Knowing she had really thought about my idea, considered it, and still complimented it… Continue Reading